Wild Tree Foundation advocates for local, distributed, renewable and sustainable power and against business as usual and corruption in the regulation of for-profit, investor-owned utilities at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC.)


For-profit, investor-owned utilities that are responsible for causing fires and other disasters should not be bailed out.  Victims of utility-caused disasters, such as the 2017 Napa and Sonoma fires and 2018 Camp Fire, should be fully compensated for their losses by the utilities but not at the expense of ratepayers.    Wild Tree Foundation has intervened in the CPUC proceeding R.19-01-006 regarding ratepayer recovering for 2017 fires under SB 901 to advocate against a bailout of PG&E.


The climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time and we must take immediate and decisive action to reverse our current trajectory.  But, such action must be undertaken through holistic and sustainable means.    In regards to the energy sector’s contribution to climate change, Wild Tree Foundation advocates for the development of holistic and sustainable energy programs with a focus on decreased use of fossil fuel and decreased greenhouse gas emissions; decreased consumption and increased efficiency; reliance on local, distributed renewable resources; and protection of human health, wildlife, and wildlands.  Wild Tree Foundation has intervened in the CPUC proceeding R.19-01-011 regarding building decarbonization to advocate for holistic and sustainable decarbonization programs that incorporate efficiency and local, distributed renewable resources.

Wild Tree Foundation also advocates for a greater focus on the contributions of industry and agriculture to greenhouse gas and other hazardous emissions.  In California, for example, decreased consumption, shift to plant based diet and elimination of concentrated animal feeding operations, decreasing and eventually eliminating oil extraction and refining can all make major contributions to addressing the climate crisis.